Pay attention.

There are again stories this morning in the Boston and Chicago newspapers, emanating from the Winter Meetings, suggesting that the Sox and the Sox could try to get together with the Rangers on a trade for Michael Young.

And once you get past the sophistry, the writers’ rationale comes down (once again) to this brilliant insight:

The Red Sox and the White Sox want Michael Young.

Gotta cut this one short today so I can get to the office early. I don’t want to miss those phone calls from Random House and Oxford University Press begging me to sign a book deal. Wouldn’t be cool to be them waiting.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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Ok Attention paid:
I also read on the mlb site that other teams would have to give up 1/2 their rotation if they wanted Young so trading him is NOT going to happen at least JD has his head screwed on right with this one. (I hope!!! only problem is with nearly every call I have made I have been totally wrong lol)

p.s. good luck with the book deal Jamie (opppss hope I don’t put the mocka on you.)

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