It’ll be a cold day in **** before Barry Zito visits Texas as a free agent.

An evil “wintry mix” will render road conditions “treacherous,” less than 24 hours removed from 80 degree temperatures.

We’ve seen this act before. From Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens, and some others of less consequence. But maybe – maybe – there’s one reason to hope that T.R. Sullivan’s story this evening that Zito and his agent, Scott Boras (ahem), were in this paralyzed town today to meet with Tom Hicks and Jon Daniels isn’t just another tale of a top-tier free agent pitcher creating the appearance of getting Texas involved just so he can leverage negotiations with the team(s) he really wants to pitch for. Maybe.

Ron Washington.

We’ll see.

But ask yourself this: Would you rather Zito not have made the visit?

Off to make the kids another cup of hot chocolate.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at


Zito playing for the Rangers! yeah and I have a truck load of salt !!!!!! We’ll be lucky if the Rangers re-sign Padilla and he wants to STAY HERE or so he says! I would have rather not have Zito visit unless he really IS thinking of playing here and we wont know that till he signs on the doted line.

I am writing as a SF Giants

fan that cannot stand to see

B Zito leave the Bay Area.

He averages 16 wins a year

and therefore should receive

one million dollars for each

win. That means a 3 year con-

tract should be about 48 mil.

That is a great deal. Even better, the Giants GM, Brian

Sabean, should lock up Zito

for the next 10 years at 160 Million. signed, slim goody.

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