The Astros are expected to announce in an hour that they have signed outfielder Carlos Lee to a six-year contract, and as a result Texas should get Houston’s number one pick, 17th overall (after having surrendered pick number 16 by signing Frank Catalanotto).

I’m pretty sure Houston would have to sign Barry Zito or J.D. Drew at this point for the Rangers not to get the Astros’ first-rounder. Texas will also get a supplemental pick for the loss of Lee, following Round One.

So as it stands, the Rangers have forfeited pick number 16 but have added pick number 17 and pick number 24, plus supplemental firsts for the loss of Gary Matthews, Carlos Lee, and Mark DeRosa.

The Rangers will also get supplemental firsts if they lose Vicente Padilla and/or Rod Barajas.

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Why are you so excited about these draft picks? This just pushes us further into the future. As long as Hicks and Company can string us along they make money. Show me anywhere in the Rangers past where they have drafted well? You are an Attorney so look at the historical facts. Fuson was headed on the right track but he was lied to. He is gone now but helped fleece the Rangers last year when Gonzalez and Young were traded. I am a firm believer that if you lie, cheat and beat people it comes back to you. This is why Hicks will never win. Tell these knuckleheads to pick a philosophy and stick with it. I am tired of the constant flip flopping. Pay for pitching and i will be happy.

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