As we sat at the Purple Power Puffs’ season-ending team party tonight at Fuddrucker’s and Erica won the “Most Improved” award, I couldn’t have been more proud. She’s not the best soccer player on the team, but she’s working harder and getting better, and that means everything.

To hear Erica’s coaches announce in front of her friends the thing that her parents always tell her, that her hard work is paying off, was really cool. Mom and Dad are supposed to say things like that. But Coach Sue? Another story.

As we were driving away, with Max in the Rangers uniform that he’ll wear tomorrow night as he chases candy, I imagined Don Wakamatsu or Trey Hillman or Ron Washington getting the team together at Fuddrucker’s a year from now, handing out the Hustle Award and the Titanium Award, and Most Versatile and Most Improved, with each player hopping up front to pose for a photo with the skipper. And then everyone got cookies.

By which I mean World Series rings.

Hey, the Cardinals won three more regular season games than Texas this year. Can’t rule anything out.

Tricky thing, that last out of the World Series. Those two weeks between baseball games and the heating of the stove do goofy things to my brain.

As you open the door a few dozen times tomorrow night for kids dressed up as Spongebob and Hannah Montana and Cartman and Ariel, and all those other faces they see on TV and in books, think about the fact that, sometime earlier in the day in Arlington, a door will open and Jon Daniels and Trey Hillman will each be staring at someone whose face, for the last four years anyway, they’ve only seen on TV and in newspapers.

Hmmm. A little corny. Erica would be a lot less proud of Dad than he is of her.

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