The Elias Sports Bureau rankings have been revealed and, according to T.R. Sullivan of, Gary Matthews Jr. and Carlos Lee have been classified as Type A free agents, Vicente Padilla and Mark DeRosa and Rod Barajas are Type B’s, Adam Eaton is a Type C (which now nets no compensation), and Kip Wells is a traditional no-compensation free agent.

The important thing to note is that Padilla and DeRosa (and Barajas) will not cost teams any draft picks to sign, which should enhance their marketability. Type B’s used to cost a team their first- or second-round pick in the next June draft, but with the new CBA the only compensation a team gets for losing a Type B to whom it offers salary arbitration is a sandwich pick between rounds one and two.

A team losing a Type A, as before, gets both: the signing team’s first- or second-rounder plus a sandwich pick between rounds one and two.

Texas is expected to offer arbitration to all five of its compensation free agents, which would produce a windfall of draft picks should some of them sign elsewhere.

Also, notably, Michael Young was ranked as the number one infielder in the American League based on the Elias rankings (which classify every player, not just free agents), second in the big leagues only to Albert Pujols. Not A-Rod, not Jeter, not Tejada, not Ortiz, not Cabrera. Michael Young is on top. Only Vladimir Guerrero had a higher AL ranking among position players.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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