I was flipping channels to try and catch some postgame press conferences, and landed on Kenny Rogers on ESPN News.

Jim Reeves of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram asked a question, and Kenny refused to answer it. Clearly had nothing to do with the question.

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News asked a question. Kenny answered it.

Kat O’Brien of the Star-Telegram asked a question. Kenny refused to answer it.

The questions Reeves and O’Brien posed were the only two he dodged of the dozen or so I caught. And his response to their two questions was the same curt reply: “Anyone else?”

That’s really, really sad. Petty, childish, and sad.

I still really look forward to his next time to take the ball, and I’m happy for him, but man, those feelings I had 15 months ago are all coming back to me right now.

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