Buck Showalter has reportedly been fired as Rangers manager.


You can read more from Jamey Newberg at


Who is your pick for the new manager of the Rangers? I would like for them to go with someone young and fresh. I am not sure Wakamatsu is that. It will be fun to follow this process.

I’ll have four names in my Thursday morning report.

Well, today is a red letter day! We have finally found out why the Rangers didn’t win this year. Showalter coudn’t hit enough home runs or steal enough bases. There are probably some of these Ranger players that I sure would not want in my foxhole when the going got tuff. The next thing you know is they will blame the fans for their lack of effort. We have some great players on this team but 3 or 4 guys can’t carry this team. As for all of the free agents they need to go if they don’t want to be a part of this team. If it is always about the money they need to look at the real world and understand that there is more than that to life. Ask any player that has been on a great team and they will tell you how great that time was. Ask Rogers if the time he went to the Yankees if that was one of his smarter moves! Maybe his agent thought it was great on the way to the bank, he didn’t have to stand on the mound in Yankee Stadium. One thing for sure I am going to be real critical of the next manager now that I have found out that every thing is his fault. Explain to me why at the end when it doesn’t mean diddly that these guys hit .300 or hit 33 HR. Like A-Rod when he was here you could always count on a hit when no one is on base but let there be a man on base and 2 strikes and then go look at the stats. That is the reason M. Young is so great you can count on him regardless of the time of year he plays the same. HARDBALL. I’m ready for next year as tired of hearing aboutT.O. For the new manager Frank Robinson is my choice. Anyone that could tell Soriano to go play leftfield or go home is someone we need. Some of these guys need a little discipline on doing their job. The defination of displine in the U.S. Army is fear. Some of our guys need it.

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