Seeing that big smile on Carlos Lee’s face today as he stepped into the box to a chorus of boos with one out in the bottom of ninth, down five runs, it occurred to me that the parting of ways between Lee and the Rangers this winter will probably be exceedingly mutual.

Love the trade, but there’s no way we can bring that guy back for anywhere near the money he already turned down from the Brewers. Whoever pays Lee to play left field for multiple years, in a decent-sized park, is going to be disappointed.

The dribbler to the mound to end the game was sort of a fitting way to end the home season. Only Texas and Kansas City were on the wrong side of .500 in their own yard among American League teams this year. Very frustrating.

As far as Lee is concerned, let’s hope the CBA provision that governs draft pick compensation survives at least one more winter.

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500 again sorry Buck but it is time to go. Thanks for the one exciting season. The Rangers are so predictable it’s obviously retundent. Runners on first and second no outs your number 6 hitter is up . Bunt, no swing away and three strikes. Number, 7 hitter 6-4-3. Just once I wouldve liked to see 6 lay one down and move the runners up. Give me a manager who is really in control. same situation 6 puts down the bunt, runners at sescond and third, one out. Number 7 grounds out 6-3 run scores. Number 8 flies to right. Ten more pitches and here comes the top of the line up again. Put the pressure on the other team. Will they bunt or swing away players move, holes open up hit and run is on. Pitchers think, pitch counts go up, your in the bull pen sooner. Now the big inning comes more often.
We need to try and re-sign Rod and trade Gerald for more Pitching. Let Rod go and get more picks, Piazza backs up. Any way it goes is good for me.

As for Lee he is strictly a DH if you put him in LF he it will be a wash for the extra RBI you get you give up, that much more in Pitch counts and extra runs. thats what gets the other team into the bullpen, it’s all about Pitching. Soriano in LF it will cost you just about the same. Plus you get Speed that gives the pitcher something to think about not to mention protection for Tex.

Resign Padilla and Eaton and bring on Zito. Tejada, Karonka, Rehinecker, Volquez and maybe even Diamond or Danks for the number 5.

You see its all about Pitching trade, sign and develop it. On the other side work it.

We aren’t going to have much to show for our big deals with Lee, Padilla, Eaton and GMJ signing elsewhere this off season. Zito’s contract will be massive considering he’s a finesse pitcher, so I’m not sure what the big answer is. Maybe we need to take a page from the Florida Marlins plan – let the kids play. It’s the only way we can figure out if they are worth keeping or what holes we have to fill.

If we would have done this in 2006, we would have been one season closer to recovery, although admittedly, our minor league pitchers were not ready for prime time in 2006.

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