Wondering if the Rangers, now further out of first place than they’ve been at any time this season, have yet requested revocable waivers on Carlos Lee.

If not, surely at least one of LAAA and Boston and the White Sox and Minnesota and the Yankees don’t let him get past the American League.

Assuming at least one of them puts in a claim – or even if no team does – will Texas draw a trade offer that’s preferable to a pair of draft picks between 16 and about 60 next June, which is what the club will get if Lee finishes the season here and signs with someone else?

Or is there enough of a concern that the owners might agree to kick compensatory draft picks out of the CBA in order to get something they want from the players this winter, in which case the evaluation of a trade offer becomes quite a bit different?

Or, on the other hand, are the Rangers planning on a full court press this winter to get Lee to sign long-term, in which case trading him to a playoff contender would be a bad idea?

Or did they already invoke the August waivers process on Lee earlier in the month, meaning they can’t do so again, at least not revocably, in which case this whole exercise was a complete waste of time?

Another thought and then I’ll get out of your way. As much a work of art as the baseball box score is, its fallibility is exemplified by the fact that it shows Mark Teixeira as having what appears to be an ordinary 1 for 4 night. He hit three of the squarest balls all night, getting a sharp bad-hop infield single before rifling an out into Nick Swisher’s glove (though probably foul) and another into Milton Bradley’s, each time with a man in scoring position. His fourth at-bat, again with a runner on second, was driven 375 to straightaway center.

Like the ball that Swisher snared off Teixeira’s bat in the fourth, the game’s not always fair.

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