punctuation mark (pŭngk’chū-ā’shen märk), n. — One of a set of marks or signs, such as the comma or the period, used to separate words into sentences, clauses, and phrases in order to clarify meaning; also, a cataclysmic moment (or crowning moment) that epitomizes, underscores, highlights, italicizes, underlines, and puts in bold an overall set of circumstances, in front of a home crowd of 31,178.

puncture (pŭngk’cher), v. — To pierce with a pointed object; to make (a hole) by piercing; to cause to collapse by piercing; to depreciate or deflate; also, to cripple the hopes of the team trying to catch you in the standings and basically needing to win three straight by utterly dominating them in every phase in the series opener.

punk’d (pŭngkt), adj. — Oakland 9, Texas 3.

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What did the poet once say? Yes we’ll smile again. But we will never be young again. Henry The Fifth

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