Erica: “Go, Aki, go!”

Max: “Go, Aki, GO!!!!”

In unison: “YOSSHAA!!!!”

Their education is coming along nicely.

I have a ton more to say about this game. Tomorrow morning.

Between now and then, I’m looking forward to the local papers, both the beat writers and the columnists, to continue to tell you that the fight against the Angels was a negative…a disgrace….that it marred an otherwise successful homestand…that it was the disaster point of the season.

After I get my daily dose of such wisdom in the morning, I’ll write.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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YES. You are right about the write ups tomorrow. What are some of the writers going to say now? This team has heart and reguardless of what happens Sundays game was absolutely great. The fight against the Angels was a turning point and showed that the players are for the team. When I look at this team a statement I have is I want then in my fox hole. These guys are not going to quit.
Another thing the 9th inning has got to be a lot of fun.

We need to get the A’s in here so we can make up some real ground. GO RANGERS.

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