I’m so freakin’ pumped. Pumped that the Angels threw at three straight hitters in the eighth, missing Ian Kinsler and drilling Michael Young and Freddy Guzman. Love it. Pack your bags, Anaheims, and get out of town. You got pasted tonight, letting the Rangers catch you in the West, you fired my team up even more with the beanballs, and you face suspensions of two relievers and your starting second baseman.

Adam Kennedy? Smart move, punk. Love it.

You too, Frosty Rivera. Keep mouthing off. Seriously. Keep it up.

I’m damned proud of Scott Feldman and Mark DeRosa and every other guy wearing my team’s uniform. Freakin’ proud. I wanna get on a plane to Detroit.

Let’s rewind a couple hours.

LAAA lefty Joe Saunders came into the game with a 4-0, 1.67 record. An opponents’ batting average of .188. Six strikeouts per nine, just 3.3 walks, 15 pitches per inning, 60 percent of his pitches for strikes. One of his four 2006 starts, all quality starts and all wins, came against Texas 10 days ago: seven shutout innings, three hits, two walks, six strikeouts, 15 pitches per inning, 64 percent of his pitches for strikes.

New approach tonight. The Rangers seemed intent on making the rookie throw strikes, something that unfortunately hasn’t been seen enough this year against pitchers who had no business pitching as well against Texas as they ended up pitching.

Result? Five walks in 2.2 frames. One strikeout. Eight runs on five hits. Twenty-six pitches per inning, 54 percent for strikes.

Patience rewarded.

Brad Wilkerson is done for the season, formally thinning out an outfield corps, and maybe that means we’re going to see more of what Nelson Cruz can do. Got a good-looking glimpse of what that kid is capable of tonight.

Don’t fret over that .200 Cruz average. It’s a small sample. Patience.

As for Saturday, it looks like John Koronka will get the call, as he was scratched from tonight’s AAA start, a clear signal that he’s coming to Arlington to make what would have been Kip Wells’s next start.

For the handful of you who emailed me this morning pleading for John Danks to get the start, patience. Tap the brakes. He’ll get to Arlington soon enough, and there’s no sense in rushing things. When he does step foot on Ameriquest Field, it will be a glorious day.

(Speaking of which:



Oakland is ahead of Seattle, 3-0, as I send this. Ideal? No.


It’s gonna be a heckuva flight to Michigan.

— Jamey

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I wouldn’t be so proud of your guys– they did just as much damage plunking guys left and right.
The Angels do what they have to do. They protect their hitters, it’s old school and the way baseball is. We’ll see you guys again.

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