Adam Eaton threw an impressive 73 percent of his pitches for strikes. None behind anyone’s back, and not many out of the strike zone. Outstanding effort. Outstanding.

(Though I can’t remember a game with so many rifled outs early on. Lots of line drives – for both teams – that went for naught.)

Don’t you have to be able to count on one finger the number of times that a team has intentionally put a Ranger hitter on base to get to Michael Young? The second that Kenji Johjima stood to call for the first of four wide ones to Gary Matthews Jr., I turned to one of my buddies at the game and said: “Slump over.”

First pitch to Young: Slump over.

Thank you, Grover.

Mark Teixeira saw 26 pitches in five trips. Hit a number of them very, very hard.

He’s locked in.

That C.J. Wilson is going to have a long, successful career pitching baseballs.

When Rick Bauer updates his baseball résumé, he, unlike many others, can add, no matter what happens with the rest of his rejuvenated career: “Made Ichiro look silly.”

Carlos Lee has reached base 10 times in his last 12 trips. You can almost overlook the virtual lack of extra-base hits (two) if he’s going to do that.

That speeding ticket I got on the way home, I assure you, was not my tribute to Matthews blowing through Steve Smith’s stop sign.

Although I was just about as close to home when it happened as GMJ was. Maybe I should have told the officer I was just trying to force him to make a play.

Or maybe I made the better choice.

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