Dear Mr. Bauer,

My bad. I decided it was a good idea on Thursday morning to mention your major league-leading homerless streak in my newsletter.

It’s just as much on me as on you that Juan Rivera broke the streak that night. Mahay’s four-pitch walk to Garret Anderson (just Anderson’s 18th unintentional free pass all year) ahead of it didn’t help. But the bomb was my fault.

I appreciate Wes and Tex and Aki bailing me out. Very cool of them.

If you’re not too cheesed off about my ill-timed mention of the homerless thing, thank DeRo and Ian and Padilla and Rupe for what they did last night. And tell Tex how freakin’ cool it was that, a day after his huge 12th-inning blast, he patiently worked three walks, all off John Lackey.

The guy has as many home runs (nine) in 77 at-bats since the Break as he did in 353 at-bats before the Break, and he’s up there working pitch counts. Love that guy.

Again, sorry about the jinx. I’ll stay away from stuff like that from now on.

Unless you think it’s a good idea for me to predict there’s no way we break Vlad’s hit streak today or tomorrow.

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