When I last wrote, which feels like a month ago, the Rangers were going to war with Francisco Cordero and Bryan Corey and John Wasdin in the bullpen, and John Rheinecker in the rotation. Kevin Mench and Freddy Guzman were among the club’s outfielders, with Laynce Nix playing everyday in Oklahoma, seemingly a month away at most from returning to Arlington. Lefthander Julian Cordero was turning into a story at Clinton, especially after his shift from the pen to the rotation.

So much has changed.

I sent out a short heads-up on Friday, letting you know I’d write about the big trade with the Brewers on Tuesday or Wednesday, which is today. That was a little ambitious.

Had the trade that brought Carlos Lee and Nelson Cruz to Texas been the only development of the last week, I might have pulled it off, but even then I’d have given it less time than I’d like. But so much more has happened since then that I knew today’s effort would be disappointing had I committed to sit down and register my thoughts.

So I’m asking for another day of patience. I’m just not going to get a report out today.

I do appreciate the hundreds of emails I’ve received from you all regarding my father-in-law, and I hope you’ll forgive me if I didn’t get the chance to respond to each of them (or to any of the 50-plus emails you sent insisting that the trade for Miguel Ojeda on Sunday had to mean that Rod Barajas had been dealt).

My plan is to sit down at some point tonight and begin working on an email titled “8-3 Newberg Report,” which I will finish at about this time tomorrow morning and then hit “send,” hopefully returning to a semblance of a routine as this fascinating Rangers season rolls on.



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