Five days ago I wrote that maybe the way to trigger a win streak is not necessarily by nailing down a victory with a huge moment or by overcoming objectively tall odds to steal a win.

Instead, I hypothesized that maybe the key to kicking off a good run is to simply win a game by executing, by going out and doing exactly what you’re capable of, by taking advantage of opportunities. By proving to yourself that if you just go out and perform, you can beat anyone.

Texas managed to do both today against Minnesota.

Santana won his 10th game of the season.

But it wasn’t Johan, who suffered his fifth loss, courtesy primarily of Mark Teixeira and Gary Matthews Jr.

It was Ervin, whose 10th win for the Angels dropped Oakland into a tie for first in the West going into the Break.

With Texas.

That’s a heck of a good win, heading into a three-day vacation that will be followed by 11 straight on the road and then three at home against the Yankees. Will the type of win that this was, combined with a few days to decompress, be psychologically meaningful?

No telling. But as I kick back along with all of you and with 23 Rangers players for half a week, watching Michael and Gary play a little bit in Pittsburgh, it sure feels a lot better having won that game, both heroically and methodically, to set a little tone heading into the so-called second half.

Relax for a few days, then buckle up.

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