Our first Newberg Report Night was in 2004. It drew 100 people, and I wrote a lot about it the next day.

Last year’s drew 200, and I wrote a little less about it the next day.

Last night’s drew just short of 350, and I’m not going to write much about it.

I expect there will be plenty of discussion on the message board today, where you can get a taste of what Jon Daniels said in his 90-minute Q&A with us — as always, he was remarkably candid and always interesting; of how Will Carroll, a Cubs fan from Indianapolis, played the role of Rangers expert as effortlessly as he does no matter what team he’s discussing; of how 10-year-old Grant Schiller got to add another notch to his baseball belt that the rest of us were lucky enough to enjoy vicariously.

We were very fortunate to be part of what Cindy Kuster and her family did for invigorating five-year-old Ryan Armstrong. Very fortunate.

Over 400 toys. Thanks.

And thank you to Allen & Barcy Cordrey, Eleanor Czajka, Kevin McBrayer, Brady Tinker, Rob Cook, Thad Levine, Jeff Cogen, Andy Silverman, Taunee Taylor, Jason Sampsell, and you.

Things might have turned out differently if Wandy Rodriguez didn’t get his glove in the way, and if the umpire realized that Craig Biggio didn’t make contact. That’s the breaks.

But otherwise, it was a really cool day and night, and it was my privilege to be part of it. Thanks.

P.S. Tune into Kia Sports Talk on KFWD-Channel 52 tonight at 7:00. They filmed the gathering and I’m told will run a package on it on tonight’s show.

P.P.S. I’m a loser. Like clockwork, I generally forget to thank at least one person every time we have an event like yesterday’s, and I’ve done it again.

We could have pulled Newberg Report Night off without his help, but it would have been far more ordinary, far less organized, and far, far, far less memorable.

Thank you to the great Chuck Morgan. We as Rangers fans are incredibly fortunate.

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Good to see attendance is going up somewhere at Ameriquest Field in Arlington. Was everybody having a good time or did somebody notice the middle of the order going 0-for-20 with 6 K’s….I’ll have another hot dog to go please

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