Good grief, Dirk.

You, too, Josh Howard.

Oh, and not that it matters a whole lot, but just as sure as I was that White Sox would option reliever Sean Tracey to the farm yesterday, I’m equally sure that the stats that Marquis Daniels contributed last night in mop-up time — two air balls and an interception — will be his last as a Dallas Maverick.

How can you do anything but marvel at the phenomenal Dwyane Wade, and appreciate the fact that his career is going to unfold during your lifetime (and, for some of us, our kids’)? That’s a very special ballplayer.

The best sports news of the day, locally, came from three of the dirtiest arms in the Rangers system, two of whom are starting to pound on the door to get back to Arlington and the third of whom is undoubtedly part of the very top tier of the organization’s prospects, even if not everyone realizes it yet.

Make sure to read Mike Hindman’s farm report this morning. If you’re not only the mailing list, you should be . . . .

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