There are a bunch of reasons I wouldn’t make a very good manager or general manager (other than that nagging fact that I’m not qualified).

I’d take the losses too hard, feel too good about the wins for too long, and probably overreact. A lot.

I would have guessed after Thursday’s terrible loss and Friday’s gut-wrenching defeat that the Rangers might have been in some trouble behind John Rheinecker on Saturday, a bit shellshocked and facing blue-chip Boston prospect Jon Lester amped up for his big league debut. Not the case.

After yesterday’s demoralizing finish in Game One, I wouldn’t have given us much of a chance to put it to the Sox in Game Two, with John Wasdin taking the mound for his first 2006 start in the big leagues, a mound that has to be for Wasdin a tough reminder of some disappointing times. If felt like a bad combination: the possibility of a flat, demoralized club behind a pitcher entering a haunted house.

And then Texas busted out 22 hits to earn the split of both the doubleheader and the series, and there’s worse things you can come away with from a trip to Boston.

I came away thinking two things after yesterday’s twinbill: (1) there will be days when David Ortiz is simply going to beat you, no matter who you are; and (2) this team has character, and should never be counted out.

And a third thing: Gerald Laird is pretty good.

Are Gary Matthews Jr. and Mark DeRosa going to revert to what they were in their 20s? Hope not. And the longer this lasts, the less likely it seems that the clock is about to strike midnight for those two.

As for Mark Teixeira finding his 2005 form again, I still believe it happens — soon — but consider this: despite his drop in fence power, the guy is on pace to destroy his career high in doubles, and he’s reached base in every game this month.

How good is Ian Kinsler going to be in two years?

There I go overanalyzing again. All that I should be concerned about right now is Koronka-Contreras tonight, the first of four against the World Champs at home, which follows five straight series that the first-place Rangers have won or tied and precedes four straight three-game sets against the NL West and 19 of 25 at home.

But I’m not Buck Showalter or Jon Daniels. I’m a fan. So I get to overanalyze, overreact, fail to stay within myself. I’ll leave the even keel to the team who I get behind with everything I’ve got, meanwhile getting myself all fired up to kick Ozzie Guillen’s butt tonight and then the three after that, and feeling pretty good about Jason Botts’s two doubles and a walk in Game Two, Bryan Corey’s perfect two and two-thirds as a Ranger, and the roll that Edinson Volquez, Nick Masset, Anthony Webster, and Ben Harrison are on down on the farm.

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