It’s not often that you can say with confidence that you’ve written something that’s never been written before, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first baseball writer to ever utter the following two words:

DeSagana Diop.

Actually, my Monday night had five stars:

1. Erica Newberg. Kindergarten graduate.

2. Kameron Loe. The bull.

3. Brad Wilkerson. There you go.

4. Michael Young. Automatic.

5. DeSagana Diop.

Best thing about the next Mavericks series – the best – is that it should be decided by the players. As it should be.

Like Ben and Skin just said on the Ticket postgame show, go find yourself a bottle of Gatorade and pour it on yourself, if you’re so inclined.

And get out to Ameriquest Field. That’s a big win to kick off a big series and a bigger homestand. And the Rangers will play twice more to finish this set against the Angels before the Mavs next take the floor. Go.


Bye, Timmy.


Timmy. I said goodbye.


Hey. Hey! We’re done here!


You don’t understand. I don’t officiate basketball games. Scram.


Yeah, go ahead and make some birdie shadows on the wall. I’ll find you a rattle, and a teddy bear that wears vertical stripes and a whistle.


Bye, Timmy.

— Jamey

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