"Max, the Rangers were up nine runs last night by time you went to bed."


"Beese. Ball."

"But the Yankees scored 10 straight runs and took an 11-10 lead."


"Beese. Ball."

"And get this — we got the lead back the next inning. New York then tied it up, but in the ninth we scored again, and it was 13-12."


"Beese. Ball."

"We were an out away from nailing it down, and lost. That’s baseball. It happens. We’ll be OK."


"Beese. Ball."

"One of our players, after the game, said this to reporters: ‘That’s a great team over there. But we’re a good team.’ Not exactly what I wanted to hear."


"Dad. Give the guy a break. As bad as that game must have made you feel, imagine what they felt like in the clubhouse. You’re zeroing in on semantics. You keep telling me how much heart and tenacity this team has — and I’m still at an age where I’m supposed to believe everything you say. Don’t worry about that game, and don’t worry about the things those guys said minutes after it ended. We’ll get ’em tonight. Beese. Ball."

Let’s go, Kam. Nail this one tonight.

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Check me out at I am on track to catch my 3,000 baseball at a major league game this summer!! No really …. check out my MLBlog!!

Jamey, I wish it were that simple. When you let a depleted Yankee lineup sans Giambi, Godzilla and Shef come back three times to win the game, there is a serious problem in the minds of some of the Ranger players. The Yankees are in the Rangers head and the only way to get them out is to thump them a few times. That comment speaks volumes. The Yankee team out there last night was not “great” unless you think Miguel Cairo, Melky Cabrera and Andy Phillips are headed to Cooperstown.

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