I had so much I was planning to write about tomorrow, and that was before this game ever started.  Don’t bother looking for a report in the morning. 

I have nothing in the tank.  I’m going to go watch “The Sopranos” right now, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep for hours.

Right now I can’t imagine getting up the energy to go to work tomorrow.  I know how bizarre that sounds, and how bizarre it is, but I still feel like Wednesday has no shot at pulling me out of this.  How crazy is that?

And, yeah, it’s only a game.  Just one of 162.  Good teams split on the road, and so far we’re even up in this series, a game up on this trip.  And still in first place.

But I’m sick to my stomach. 

I’m trying hard to make myself get back into that mindset of seeing Max climb the metal bleachers at UTD a month ago, up and down, up and down, and having the time of his life.  Trying to reabsorb that lesson it taught me.

Can’t.  Not tonight.

There’s lots to write about.  Lots.  But it won’t be until Thursday, and it won’t have one single, solitary thing to do with tonight’s game.  Not even remotely.

Good night.

— Jamey

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