Let me explain something to you, Rangers fan, because you’re probably too naïve to understand.

Dale Scott is supposed to give Jason Giambi calls on borderline pitches that your team is not ever going to get. He’s just doing his job.

Chad Fairchild is supposed to call Johnny Damon safe at first on a play like that. Since Kameron Loe doesn’t play for the Yankees, there’s an unwritten rule that he has to beat any Yankee player to the bag by two steps.

Kudos to Fairchild, in just his second year in the bigs. He gets it.

The Rangers’ highest-paid players in 2006 are Phil Nevin and Kevin Millwood. Neither makes as much as the 10th-highest-paid Yankee.

I freakin’ hate the Yankees. But it’s really sad that you don’t understand that they have earned the right to be treated like the unique team that their TV/radio deal dictates they should be.

If you have the chance to pay for one their 25 cab fares tonight, you should. It’s probably the law. They’re the Yankees.

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